Welding is a tricky and a bit dangerous profession whether its MIG, TIG, ARC or any other type of welding. You have to be careful for your eyes, face, hairs, and other body as well. Safety gears are must for any welder in the world and we take it seriously so we have decided to make a blog and recommending the best welding helmets to the welders. We do research in-depth before recommending any welding helmet. So read the articles and you can contact me through contact us page for any related query.

Miller 280045 Welding Helmet

Miller 280045 Welding Helmet Review 2022

Do you think welding helmets are for welding only? If you do so, then you are thinking wrong. Some welding helmets in the market can be used for welding along with cutting and grinding purposes. One such example is Miller 280045 Welding Helmet. Miller digital infinity provides complete protections against weld sparks and dust and…

Lincoln 1840 Welding Helmet

Antra AH7 860 001X Welding Helmet Review 2022

When it comes to durable and long-lasting welding helmets Antra is the name that strikes the mind first. Antra is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of welding helmets and its related accessories. Their welding helmets are considered as the best welding helmets in the market. Though there are huge varieties of welding helmet at Antra’s…

Jackson 46131 Welding Helmet

Jackson 46131 Welding Helmet Review 2022 – Fresh Air

Welding means war with sparks, flashes, and glares. This war becomes a thrilling activity if you wear a welding helmet. A proper welding helmet gives extended coverage to your face and neck so that they will be protected from the harmful attacks of sparks and glares. Jackson safety 46131 is one such kind of welding…

Deko Welding Helmet

Dekopro Welding Helmet Review 2022

DEKO has been manufacturing user-friendly and safe tools for home users and tool enthusiasts for years. Their agenda is to provide high performance and low-cost products. That’s what is depicted in its name. DEKO is an acronym of Designated for Extra-ordinary Kindness Only. They do so, by introducing advanced, unique yet budget-friendly welding helmets for…

Lincoln 1840 Welding Helmet

Lincoln 1840 Welding Helmet Review 2021

Without proper safety and precaution, any skillful job can be big trouble for you. Same goes for Welding and grinding. Wearing proper safety equipment can keep you protected from a big loss. For this purpose, welding helmets are used to protect the face and eyes of welders from harmful UV and IR rays. You should…

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet Review 2021

Welding is one of the most useful skills but it could be very dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. For this purpose, welding helmets are used to protect face and eyes from heat and harmful rays. Hobart is a brand that stands behind lots of welding supplies. Professional welders must know this brand….

Jackson HSL100 Welding Helmet

Jackson HSL100 Welding Helmet Review 2021

Protective equipments are the compulsory items that have to be worn during welding job. These equipment include eye goggles, face mask, hand gloves, and body protection suits. It seems quite a cumbersome task to wear so many gears. So it’s better to replace face mask, body protection suit, and eye goggles with Jackson HSL 100…

Speedglas 9100V Welding Helmet

3M Speedglas 9100V Welding Helmet Review 2022

Innovation and technology are the key ingredients of 3M company and that’s the reason they have been serving the market for 200 centuries. Be it personal safety products or environmental safety products, 3M stands out in every field. One example is 3M Speedglas 9100V welding helmet which is a true example of perfection. it is a…

Tekware WH009 Welding Helmet

Tekware WH009 Welding Helmet Review 2021

If you are in search of some unique and stylish welding helmets that are far different than the traditional welding helmet, then grab your hands on the Tekware WH009 Welding Helmet. It features a unique space troop shape along with an ultra-large viewing screen. Tekware is a brand that is created by welders for welders….

Instapark GX 500S Welding Helmet

Instapark GX 500S Welding Helmet Review 2022

Tired of those boring black welding helmet? Then check out Instapark GX 500S Welding Helmet, one of the funky and colorful welding helmets. It does not look like a traditional welding helmet that comes in black or grey color. Rather, Instapark has a cool digital hawk printed on all over the helmet, which makes it…

Tacklife PAH04D

Tacklife PAH04D Welding Helmet Review 2022

Durability and protection is a rare combo that you will find in a welding helmet. Luckily this deadly combination could be found in the TACKLIFE PAH04D welding helmet. PAH04D welding helmet possesses out-class features that give you a superior level of protection plus its quite durable that you won’t have to think about purchasing a…

sellstrom helmet

Sellstrom S26200 Welding Helmet Review 2022

Sellstrom is the brand that strikes the mind first when you want peace of mind in the workplace. A 100 years old American brand that is dedicated to manufacturing high-end safety products that can be used for welding purposes. Sellstrom S26200 is one of the most selling welding helmets of Sellstrom that meets the safety…

Hobart 770890 Welding Helmet Review

Hobart 770890 Welding Helmet 2021 – Tested Review

If you have ever welded a piece of metal then you must know how important it is to wear safety gear during the welding process, like safety goggles. But with time things have changed, now instead of goggles, there are welding helmets available in the market that gives you more protection with other features as…

lincoln viking 3350 4c review

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review 2021 – 4C Technology

The welding process produces different arcs and sparks which may harm the user. So it’s better to use a proper welding helmet to protect your eyes from these UV rays. Wearing welding helmets for a long time can be a bit tiring task. You may experience pain in your neck and shoulder. So that’s why…

Antra AH6 260 0000 Welding Helmet Review

Antra AH6 260 0000 Welding Helmet Review 2022 – Pros & Cons

If you are looking for a versatile welding helmet then Antra has something very useful for you. Antra AH6 260 0000 Welding Helmet can be used for grinding and cutting applications other than welding jobs. It is a newly launched welding helmet that promises to give you immense protection and comfort during tiring and tough…

esab sentinel review

Esab Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet Review 2021 – Specs, Pros & Cons

ESAB Sentinel A50 is a high-tech welding helmet designed for professional welders who keep comfort-ability at the top of the list. With the high-quality lens and large viewing part, it gives you exceptional clarity so that you can keep a strict eye on arc puddles. When it comes to the features of the ESAB Sentinel…

best cheap welding helmet

Best Welding Helmet under $100 – Cheap & Safe

Finding the Best Welding Helmet under 100 is not an easy task. You need a high-quality helmet that will protect you from sparks, heat, bright light, and sometimes from falling debris. But at the same time, you do not want to break a bank. We have done the hard part for you. We have put…

welding hood with respirator

Best Welding Helmet with Respirator 2021 – PAPR Hoods

Safety comes first. During a welding operation, some fumes are produced, which if inhaled, can cause serious respiratory conditions. This is a serious concern for most welding professionals and where the welding helmet with a respirator comes in. These helmets are designed to protect your lungs from harmful welding fumes and smoke. Welding smoke and…

womens welding gear

Best Welding Helmet for Women 2021 – Ladies Welding Gears

It is a requirement for every welder to have a safe working environment. Especially if we talk about women, they do need extra care and welding helmets can protect your face while welding. As the women’s facial skin is quite delicate and extra defense is always what every woman needs. Thus that, you need protective…

flip up welding helmet

Best Flip Front Welding Helmet 2021 – Flip Up Hoods

Every welder requires a safe working environment. This is why you should equip yourself with the best flip front welding helmet to protect your face while working. Welding is one of the professions that require the utmost protection while working. Although the work of professional welders is appreciated by many, it comes with significant risks…

fixed shade welding hood

Fixed Shade Welding Helmet 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Do you weld as a hobby or professionally? Then you need a welding helmet. Not just any welding helmet but a Fixed Shade Welding Helmet. Your face and eyes are very precious. For this reason, you need to protect them from the debris, sparks, and light, a heat that comes from the welding arc and…

non auto darkening welding helmets

Best Passive Welding Helmet 2021 – Non Auto Darkening Lenses

A passive Welding helmet is not only meant for old-school welders but also they are suitable for all welders. We have done deep research to find the Best Passive Welding Helmet & found the Top 7 options for you. They are the best for several reasons first and foremost, they are durable and affordable. Although…

true color welding lens

True Color Welding Helmet 2021 – Best Color Lens

Welding is not a walk in the park. You can have all the necessary electrical appliances for the work but at the end of the day. You will be having some pain in your neck or head – thanks to the hood nod. During the welding process, the welder gets what he wants to join…

yes welder helmet

Yeswelder Welding Helmet Review 2021 – Extra Large View

You are profoundly drenched in a welding venture when out of nowhere, there’s a blinding, consuming light. The sentiment of hot sand filling your eye attachments makes a torment that is so serious, you’re nearly tearing your eyes out. This is called circular segment streak, and on the off chance that you’ve never known about…

speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet

3M Speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet Review 2021

The innovative 3M speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet with an auto-darkening filter is a game-changer in the Speedglas arsenal. Now welders can be more productive and efficient at their work with ultra-rich & iconic “Grab & Go” welding headwear. It has a futuristic design to shield against any strain and tension that may damage the delicate…