speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet

3M Speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet Review 2021

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Last Updated: January 18, 2022 by Louis Sham

The innovative 3M speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet with an auto-darkening filter is a game-changer in the Speedglas arsenal. Now welders can be more productive and efficient at their work with ultra-rich & iconic “Grab & Go” welding headwear. It has a futuristic design to shield against any strain and tension that may damage the delicate nerves and arteries during welding.

speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet

Speedglas welding helmet is manufactured through ADF technology to enhance work practice by making the objects less green. Quick switching between lighting and welding modes, is what makes it a first-rate headwear in town. And the finest part? Premium protection against infrared radiation, ultraviolet sunscreen, and other mechanical strength. You will get paid for your investment through its comfort, efficiency, and two preset welding modes. So, are you feeling excited to buy it? Hold your breaths because there is more to come.

3M Speedglas 9100xxi Welding Helmet Review 2021

We will uncover more reasons to buy an auto-on welding headwear in Speedglas 9100xxi Review.

Just Grasp it and Cruise:

How satisfying it is when your tools are automatically turned on exactly when you need them. A new speedglas 9100xxi auto-darkening filter can help you grasp the helmet and start welding without any further settings, and while testing we found it one of the handiest helmets of 2021. Its motion sensor is one of the most exciting features that immediately turns on the ADF to your last welding filter shadings. You can quickly resume welding tasks, and when you are done, simply take it off; it turns itself off in no more than five minutes.

Innovative and Space-age design:

3M speedglas xxi is ergonomically designed with self-adjusting twin pads to contour the head, deliver increased comfort, and helmet stability. Independent sensors are adjustable by the sensitivity of arc strike and resist even the toughest of welding procedures. That’s why it is an ideal welding hood for MIG and TIG. You will adore its new silver front design, five filters, and a 2.8-inch x 4.2-inch viewing area. Speedglas headwear is perfect for professional welders who need top-notch protection and comfort simultaneously.

Speedglas 9100xxi Superior Comfort:

The state-of-the-art Speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet is expertly created to live up to requirements of comfort and safety of the head and face of Welders. With large knobs and two straps, you can even adjust your helmet and fit it as per your head size even with gloves on. It has a smooth ratchet of adjustable shield to adapt to any head size.

A headband is there to ergonomically fit the speedglas helmet on the head to lessen chronic pressure on nerves, arteries, and neck muscles. Smaller the impact on these subtle tissues, the higher the efficiency a welder can deliver in his work for extended periods without any discomfort.

speedglas welding helmet

Allow you to be more Precise and Productive:

There is no superior way to recognize your welding objects than speedglas 9100xxi welding headwear. It has more natural color and contrasts through shade 3 light state, which allows you to see colors more readily even in the dark. You can scrutinize contours better, bright, less green, and more realistic while welding. While improved optics will help you view three perspectives, allow superior control of weld puddle with greater precision and simplified workflow.

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Speedglas 9100xxi Fantastic Detection for Arc Strike:

Its three arc sensors instantly detect all arc strikes and start transitioning from a light-to-dark and dark-to-light mode within a millisecond. After welding is completed, the sensor returns to its transparent state and prepares itself for the next weld. This instant transition minimizes your downtime and allows you to inspect a weld puddle without any blurry vision.

Grinding Mode is just at the tip of your Glove:

speedglas 9100xxi

You can switch from welding to grinding faster using external grinding buttons placed at the silver front panel. With just one push, you are locked into shade 3 ready to grind, and with another quick force, you are back to welding mode. You don’t need to remove your helmet or even your glove; weld with confidence and precision.

Swift Memory Mode lets you be more Flexible:

ADF (Auto-darkening filter) remember your favorite settings and offers quick transitions with 3 arc sensors. Speedglas 9100xxi helmet has a memory mode through which you can customize your filter settings. Just exert a simple push on the external button for two seconds and here you go. You can instantly pull up one of your two presets memory mode without taking off your gloves or headwear.

Configuration with Multiple Applications:

Would you like to configure your welding filter for different applications? By selecting just the right settings for each task, you can have a reduced eye strain. And you can also improve the quality of every weld. A new user interface can help adjust your dark shades from 5, 8, 9, to 13 according to your preference and welding strength.

Sometimes, few welding applications require more time, and you might want your settings to get delayed. That’s exactly where the speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet comes to the rescue. Simply, extend your welding time by pressing the delay button and keep going with your work.

Reduce Overheating and Helmet Fogginess:

You might be wondering about any ventilation space in this welding headwear as it is packed from all sides. But don’t worry, the manufacturers are way smarter than you think. Speedglas 9100xxi mask has 3-channel exhaust vents. These vents expel the air you breathe outside the helmet and minimize heat and moisture on the lens. The middle channel is purposed to keep the lens fog-free; the remaining two side channels aim to deliver fresh air to your mouth and nose.

Compatible with all the 3M Speedglas 9100 Series:

What if I say that you can use the silver front of your 9100xxi with any of the speedglas 9100 helmet series? You have to believe me, and if it’s still not convincing, you can try it out yourself. Speedglas 9100 xxi welding headwear is undoubtedly an industry-topping gear tailored to fit your personal preference.

Smart Body and Extremely Handy:

When I saw it for the first time, I literally had my jaws dropped. 3M has designed this product with the utmost creativity and innovation. We can’t use terms like a beautiful, sleek, or smart body for a welding helmet. But here, I can’t help it as it has that praiseworthy slim-fit body. You can easily carry it anywhere as the headwear is exceptionally lightweight and portable. Simply grab it in your arms like your baby and head to your work.

Safety with Elegance:

Even welders need to look stylish and classy at their work like other elite class working professionals. The elegant Speedglas 9100xxi helmet is designed with the purpose to deliver a polished and attractive look without compromising on functionality. It offers unparalleled defense from infrared, ultraviolet radiations, heat, sparks, splash, and strong splutter. 3M designed its hood in compliance with high-impact protection standards of AU and NZ to enhance its life. Even if it tends to abuse and misapplication.

speedglas hood

Flawless Gear for Welding Mavens:

High-quality optics, large view area, easy switching modes, ADF, and excellent color contrasts; what else a welder needs at work? It is undoubtedly a complete hood for professional welders and can be a remarkable addition to their welding kit.

Speed glass 9100xxi has sensitivity adjustments that make it a flawless safety gear. No matter for which welding project you are assigned to, your headwear has got your back. So, get ready to deliver your best productivity at work and prepared to receive praiseworthy comments from your lead.

Great things are never economical:

Although the 9100xxi helmet has got all the exciting features that a welder can imagine, it has an expensive price tag. Because of its advanced functionality, quality optics, and auto-filtering lens, the headwear is not affordable for every budget. But you will realize later that you have made a smart investment after buying it when you will experience optimum results in your overall productivity.

Require proper maintenance:

Just like you take care of your favorite things, the sunglass welding helmet 9100xxi also needs your precise attention. A matte finish on your helmet quickly gets dirty; so if you want to keep it sleek and polished, wipe with Windex and apply any car wax. Its silver shield has a small coat of PB Blaster that keeps dust away. But still, you have to be careful about the maintenance to avoid any severe grime and splatter.

Highest Standards:

When it comes to 3M products, you don’t dare to question their quality, functionality, and durability. Like other previous 9100 series, speedglas 9100xxi is genuinely prime. You can expect beyond excellent protection with laminated polarizers and liquid crystals at the solar panel.


Speedglas 9100XXi is genuinely extravagant and histrionic. You have never seen an incredible arc detection down to 1amp, aerodynamic exhaust vents, & easy switching between modes before. We have covered each and every aspect in Speedglas 9100xxi review. It’s high time to buy the right welding helmet that can be your valuable asset for work life. So, gear up to deliver a high level of proficiency at your work without in a fashionable way.

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