what are the different types of welding

Is Welding a Good Career? Pros and Cons of Being a Welder

There are many pros and cons to a career in welding. Some of the benefits include high pay, opportunities for advancement, and a challenging work environment. However, welding can also…

Welding Eye Protection: The Details You Need To Know

Protect your eyes with high-impact welding helmets. Eye injuries are the most common injuries in all welding related injuries. According to research one-quarter of welders suffer eye injuries due to…

mig vs tig

MIG vs TIG Welding 2021 – Real Differences with Legit Facts

When considering metal welding, there are several kinds of welding methods to go for. Two of the widely used welding methods in the U.S. are metal inert gas (MIG) and…

Welding Safety Tips 2022

Professional welding can be a promising and worthwhile career to choose from. Yet, it also comes with its potential risks. Without proper welding safety, you are liable to fall prey…

Weld Cast Iron

How to Weld Cast Iron 2021

One of the meticulous tasks is to weld cast iron, as it demands expensive equipment and high heat. Along with that, to have the knowledge of How to Weld Cast…

Welding Schools in USA

Best Welding Schools in USA 2022

To establish a career in the welding industry, it takes a lot more than just some skills learned from workshop. Proper certifications and training come from the best welding schools….

welding helmet settings

How to Adjust Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 2021

For a welder to successfully carry out his task, he must be aware of the auto darkening welding helmet settings. With the knowledge of how to adjust auto-darkening welding helmets,…

step to test auto darkening helmet

How to Test Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 2021 -Step by Step Guide

Undoubtedly, auto darkening welding helmets are considered the latest rave in the market. As it is the only shield protecting you in the welding field so you need to be…

how to clean welding helmet

How to Clean Welding Helmet Lens Easily in 2021

A welding helmet is considered one of the crucial accessories before starting the welding process so is the cleaning of the welding helmet lenses important. Since it is the only…

solar powered welding helmet recharge

How to Charge Welding Helmet 2021 – Solar & Auto Darkening

Welding can be very artistic and tempting to perform but if you are missing out on even one of the protective measures (to protect your eyes, face, and neck); you…

what are the different types of welding

14 Types of Welding Processes 2021 – Upgraded Procedures

As technology is leading towards an outstanding advancement in this modern era, one has a variety of welding processes, which they can prefer for their homes, offices, industries, or companies….

auto darkening welding helmet troubleshooting

How to Change Battery in Welding Helmet 2021

Is your welding helmet not working efficiently? Then perhaps you need to replace its batteries. Read on to know how to change welding helmet batteries and the types of welding…