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Best Welding Schools in USA 2022

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Best Welding Schools in USATo establish a career in the welding industry, it takes a lot more than just some skills learned from workshop. Proper certifications and training come from the best welding schools. Eventually opening the door of opportunities coming from decent employers for welding tasks.

There is a range of well-established, reputable and Best Welding Schools in USA that guarantee the grooming of a potential welder into a professional skilled one. Whether you live in California, Texas, or Florida, a range of best welding schools in USA are there to get yourself enrolled.

Every career including welding requires proper training. The matter to be discussed is which best welding school in USA you should go for. An ideal welding school in USA would be the one that offers you a great deal of training along with the budget and lifestyle that fits you.

To ease your discussion, this article sums up a variety of best welding schools in USA that you can consider registering yourself in. So scan and choose based on your desired location, affordability, training and opportunities.

Best Welding Schools in USA 2021

Below is the list of the best welding schools in USA; divided into three categories, best welding schools in Florida, Texas and in California.

Best Welding Schools in Florida

American Society Association diploma is the key to work for any welder in Florida. Only an accredited welding school in Florida can provide this diploma. Along with the theoretical classes, it is a balance of the hand-on training work too.

After the training period, there is a compulsory exam to take. In order to pass the test, the welder has to display all the training and skills learned in the welding school. Here is the list of some best welding schools in Florida:

NameLocationContact Number
The American Welding Society Miami, Florida(800) 443-9353
Tulsa Welding SchoolHouston, TX, Jacksonville, FL, and Tulsa, OK(855) 237-7711
Santa Fe CollegeGainesville, Florida(352) 395-5000
Palm Beach State CollegePalm Beach Gardens, FL(561) 207-5000
Pensacola State CollegePensacola, Florida(850) 484-1000
Indian River State CollegeFort Pierce, Florida(772) 419-5600
Florida State CollegeJacksonville, FL(904) 633-8100
Daytona State CollegeDaytona Beach, FL(386) 506-3000
Daytona Beach, FLNew Port Richey, FL(855) 669-7472
Tallahassee Community CollegeTallahassee, FL(850) 201-6200
College of Central FloridaOcala, FL(352) 873-5800

1. The American Welding Society

Located in: Miami, Florida


The American Welding Society is known to set high standards for every aspect of welding training and learning. At AWS, the trainers use an up-to-date approach with the most suitable quality skills and knowledge to forward to their welding trainees.

With several learning events like seminars and conferences, it is guaranteed that you will gain the highest level of welding training. Even the online training packages are available at your home’s comfort.

By following a range of courses and seminars offered by AWS, you can seek guidance from the most experienced professionals. Both online and in-person membership is available. However, high-class welding training comes at a higher price.

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2. Tulsa Welding School

Located in: Jacksonville, FL


Second on the list, Tulsa welding school has a variety of courses to offer. One of which is welding degree program. As per your goals in this field, the course may prove to be beneficial as it provides value to your time and money for sure.

Considering the monetary aspects, the Master Welder program at Tulsa can cost you around $40,000, which is completed in a 30 weeks’ time. Count suggests that 530 students graduated from Tulsa welding school gaining their certificate degrees in 2015.

There is no doubt about its appreciable degree. However, a private welding school in a large city comes with its drawbacks. There is a risk of being sited in a high crime location. Falling prey to such incidents can be avoided by living near to the campus.

3. Santa Fe College

Located in: Gainesville, FL


Santa Fe College is a moderately sized public university that offers a course in welding degree. According to the statistics, 19 students were enrolled in welding program. They graduated in 2015 earning certificates from this university within a mid-sized suburb.

4. Palm Beach State College

Located in: Lake Worth, FL


Palm Beach state college is a great public university that offers welding degree program. Records suggest that it recently had 40 graduates in the welding degree program. All of them earned a plausible certificate degree in the welding field.

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5. Pensacola State College

Located in: Pensacola, FL


Students at Pensacola State College are credited with welding degrees after a rigorous welding training and teaching. It is a regular public university having a record of 24 students being graduated with certificates in the field of welding.

6. Indian River State College

Located in: Fort Pierce, FL


Learners passionate about the welding field are welcomed to be enrolled in Indian River state College. It is also one of the public universities located in the outskirts of Florida. A count of 12 students graduated with certificates in welding program from this welding school.

7. Florida State College

Located in: Jacksonville, FL


At Florida State College, students are encouraged to be enrolled in their welding degree program. From this large public university within a large city in Florida, 20 students achieved their skills and welding degree certificates.

8. Daytona State College

Located in: Daytona Beach, FL


Daytona State College is categorized as one of the medium-sized public university offering a welding course in Florida. After having the proper study and training in the welding field, 5 students were compensated through welding certificates in 2015.

9. Pasco-Hernando State College

Located in: New Port Richey, FL


Pasco-Hernando State College is also among the best welding schools in Florida. Students enroll in welding degree courses in this medium sized public university within a large suburb. 5 students were rewarded with welding certificates and degrees in 2015.

10. Tallahassee Community College

Located in: Tallahassee, FL


Within a medium sized city, Tallahassee Community College is one of the large public college that offers welding degree. Aspirants in this field gain a degree after successful training and graduation like the 8 students in 2015.

11. College of Central Florida

Located in: Ocala, FL


College of Central Florida is a medium sized public welding college situated in a small city. 5 students took the welding course it offers in 2015 who received certificates degrees along with a great learning experience.

Getting Your AWS Welding Certification In Florida

To be known as a professional welder in Florida, one needs to get his certifications from the American Welding Society (AWS). A range of best welding schools in Florida can provide such training, instructions, and hands-on learning which are accredited from AWS.

Once the welding training is completed, you may proceed to your final welding test for certification. Mostly, the exam is taken within the welding school you take the training. It is a test where the examiners judge the skills you learned and whether you are proficient at it or not.

Best Welding Schools in Texas 2021

Texas is known to provide great opportunities for the potential welders, be it learning or welding as a profession. Information regarding the best welding schools in Texas is provided to ease your finding and learning process in Texas.

Best welding schools in Texas will offer you the welding programs that not only give you a basic understanding but also teach you safe welding skills through a variety of methods. Overall, preparing you for every aspect of your practical welding career.

After you are done with the degree and certification exams, you are rewarded with a welding degree. It opens the way for work in different industries like auto manufacturing, construction, bridge maintenance, shipbuilding, and many more areas.

Just with a high school diploma, you are eligible to apply for the training programs in the best welding schools in Texas for your certifications. List of best welding schools in Texas that you will not regret joining is provided in detail below.

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NameLocationContact Number
San Jacinto Community CollegePasadena, Texas(281) 476-1501
Lone Star College SystemHouston, Texas(281) 810-5602
Texas State Technical CollegeWaco, Texas (254) 799-3611
South Texas CollegeMcAllen, Texas(956) 872-8311
Trinity Valley Community CollegeAthens, Texas(903) 675-6200
Odessa CollegeOdessa, Texas(432) 335-6400
Lee CollegeBaytown, Texas(281) 427-5611
Paris Junior CollegeParis, Texas(903) 785-7661
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-San AntonioSan Antonio, Texas(210) 782-8000

1. San Jacinto Community College

Location: Pasadena, Texas


San Jacinto Community College is one of the best welding schools in Texas that offers 3 welding programs to get enrolled in. A huge number of 412 students graduated from here. Out of which 382 received certificate degrees and the rest 30 got associate degrees.

After gaining the appropriate experience for welding career, you are credited with a welding degree certificate. As a token of getting ahead into the professional field after studying from this public welding school in Texas.

2. Lone Star College System

Location: Houston, Texas


Lone Star College System is also offering 3 welding courses where you can learn and test your abilities in the welding field. In this large public college, graduates learn all sorts of welding techniques including SMAW, TIG, MIG, and FCAW welding.

Statistics show that 262 students were enrolled in Lone Star College System to get the welding training. Out of which, 251 got certificate degrees while the rest 11 received associate’s degree.

3. Texas State Technical College

Location: Waco, Texas


One can choose between two welding programs offered at Texas State Technical College. Within an outlying rural area, this public college is located to provide a hands-on learning experience for potential welders.

Students at Texas State Technical College benefit from the professionals who train them with their expertise. Including 221 students of certificates degrees and 36 associates’ degree students, 257 students have graduated from here in 2015.

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4. South Texas College

Location: McAllen, Texas


South Texas College is one of the largest best welding schools in Texas located in a midsized city. It is offering two welding degree courses. So far, 220 students have earned their graduation degree certificates and proceeded to professional welding in 2015.

5. Trinity Valley Community College

Location: Athens, Texas


At Trinity Valley Community College, you get to experience a new way of training and gaining knowledge in the welding field. From 3 courses in welding, you can go with any and receive a high class operating and applying welding equipment guide.

Trinity Valley Community College promises to help you succeed in your welding career. In this mid-sized welding school, 115 students of welding courses graduated with 112 having certificate degrees and other three having associate degrees.

6. Odessa College

Location: Odessa, Texas


Odessa College is a moderately sized welding school in Texas that offers 3 welding courses. Even though it is not a large welding school as others listed, it is still capable of offering a great training and learning experience required for the industrial life ahead.

Amongst the 46 students who graduated from Odessa College in the welding course, 45 had certificate degrees while 1 grabbed an associate’s degree in 2015.

7. Lee College

Location: Baytown, Texas


In the welding field, there are 2 courses offered by Lee College. Considering it a normal sized welding school in a small city, 116 students graduated from here. Amongst these students, 99 were credited with certificates degree and 17 got associates’ degree.

8. Paris Junior College

Location: Paris, Texas


Within a remote town, this amazing public college is situated. Regardless of being a medium sized welding school, it offers 2 welding degree courses to choose from. A total of 122 students graduated from Paris Junior College in 2015.

9. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, Texas


South Texas Vocational Technical Institute is a large private welding school in Texas; it offers one course in the welding field. As per the statistics, 168 students graduated in the welding field. All received certificate degrees.

Best Welding Schools in California 2021

Choosing welding as a career is the right choice for passionate people in California. It brings plentiful opportunities for qualified welders. Moreover, this job comes under the category of high paid jobs in California (if you are qualified and have proper certifications).

To seek a career in the welding field and be a qualified welder, you need proper training. Below is the list of best welding schools in California to help your research process.

Getting Your AWS Welding Certification in California

To receive your American Welding Society certification, you are required to have proper training in one of the best welding schools in California. Make sure that they have accreditation from AWS. As they provide detailed instruction and guide of operating the welding tasks.

Once you are done with the proper welding classes and the program is completed, you are ready to sit in a welding certification exam.

It is usually a requirement to show your key learning through demonstration to make the examiners judge your proficiency to proceed in professional welding.

NameLocationContact Number
Butte CollegeOroville, California(530) 895-2511
Los Angeles Trade Technical CollegeLos Angeles, California(213) 763-5341
Fresno City CollegeFresno, California(559) 442-4600
Welding Skills Test & Training Center, Inc.Rancho Cucamonga, California(909) 476-4149
American River CollegeSacramento, California(916) 484-8011
Cerritos CollegeNorwalk, California(562) 860-2451
El Camino Community College DistrictTorrance, California(310) 532-3670
Long Beach City CollegeLong Beach, California(562) 938-4910
San Antonio CollegeSan Antonio, Texas(210) 486-0000
Orange Coast CollegeCosta Mesa, California(714) 432-5072
Palomar CollegeSan Marcos, California(760) 744-1150

1. Butte College

Location: Oroville, California


Butte College is recognized to be one of the best welding schools in California. It is because of their exceptional welding program that not only trains you but also provides an excellent opportunity to work as a welder in PG&E after the training.

2. Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Location: Los Angeles, California


Various welding techniques like stick welding, TIG, and MIG are learned from this welding school. Both the welding certificate degree, as well as an associates’ degree, is achievable after studying from Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

3. Fresno City College

Location: Fresno, California


To be certified for both kinds of welding, pipe as well as structural steel, Fresco City College is the best choice for you. It covers all the certifications and provides an associate’s degree in the welding course.

Fresco City College is known to provide learning and practical skills in various forms of welding including SMAW, STICK, GMAW, MIG, FCAW, GTAW, all side-by-side blueprint reading, and welding theory.

4. Welding Skills Test & Training Center, Inc.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California


In the end, it all comes down to where you are giving your certification exams. By offering 18 types of welding certifications from AWS, ASME, and API, it is known to be the best place to get your welding certifications from.

5. American River College

Location: Sacramento, California


At American River College, you can expect a range of welding areas to get your learning. From shielded metal arc plate and pipe welding, welding inspection, metallurgy and pipe welding all are the various topics they touch.

You can rely on their blueprint interpretation and learn how to keep the welding equipment maintained to get your certificate majors at American River College in Sacramento.

Usually, the certificate program is completed in less than 300 hours. Along with learning the skills, they also enhance your knowledge regarding welding technology. Overall, general education classes along with 37 units of welding coursework are required.

6. Cerritos College

Location: Norwalk, California


Situated in Norwalk, this is one of the best welding schools in California offering a welding course. Certified by the Los Angeles City Welding, it focuses on offering certifications based on this and various other certification options.

To assist the students during their welding practices, there are various certified welding inspectors. Lab stretches around 12000 square feet with 76 welding stations to experiment. The students have full liberty to choose a weekend, day, or evening schedules.

7. El Camino Community College District

Location: Torrance, California


El Camino Community College District is located in the city of Torrance. Potential welding students there are free to choose a certificate or an associate’s degree when they graduate.

As per the requirement, the course may take 32 to 44 units to complete the program. There is the freedom to enroll in daytime or evening sessions for welding practices. Moreover, the student who achieves a high GPA receives honors or high honors during graduation.

8. Long Beach City College

Location: Long Beach, California


Focused on welding technology, Long Beach City College offers welding certifications as well as associate’s degree. With the proper learning of tool and equipment usage and techniques, the student is groomed into a professional welder.

Students who look for certification in the specialized area of welding like advanced arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, shielded arc welding, structural welding, and cutting, can be enrolled in Long Beach City College without a second thought.

9. San Antonio College

Location: San Antonio, Texas


It is the best opportunity for the residents of Walnut to enroll in the welding courses offered by Mt. San Antonio College. Start with a simple process of having a demo or introduction class, after which you can carry on with your welding course sessions.

Students will also have to choose electives in pipe and tube welding course. Mt. San Antonio College offers a licensed testing facility to perform welding experiments safely.

10. Orange Coast College

Location: Costa Mesa, California


Orange Coast College is present in Costa Mesa. It offers a welding certificate degree or even an associate’s degree. If the students are passionate to proceed further, there are 3 certificate options just like leveling up to achieve an advanced certificate.

11. Palomar College

Location: San Marcos, California


By completing 5 classes with 15 units, one can simply achieve a single certificate in the field of welding. It is a condition to have general education before applying for graduation with associate’s degree program.

Students can opt for certificate or associate’s degree from the Palomar College situated in San Marcos. A variety of welding types are taught here including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc welding and flux-cored arc welding.

Best Welding Schools In Northern California

To ease your research process here is an added brief list of best welding schools for the residents of Northern California specifically.

5 Best Welding Schools For Certification In Northern California:

  1. On the top is the Cal-Trade Welding School situated in Modesto, California.
  2. Second best in Northern California is the Allied Welding School in Richmond.
  3. The third one is also situated in Richmond. It is a pipe welding school in Northern California, GK Welding School.
  4. To gain more insights on the welding in Freemont, try Cal Weld.
  5. Last but not the least, Sierra College offers an outstanding Welding Technology program in Northern California.

Best Welding Schools in Southern California

Also, for the potential welders living in Southern California, here is a brief list of the best welding schools.

5 Best Welding Schools For Certification In Southern California:

  1. The first welding school on our list is the Welding Skills Test & Training Center where students are provided with excellent training and knowledge.
  2. Based in Los Angeles County, the Welding Certification Center is the only private technical welding school in the country.
  3. Student-centered approach at Fullerton College provides its students with the training and skills they require.
  4. For anyone with a budget mindset, the welding classes offered at Harbor Occupation Center are extremely reasonable.
  5. Highest quality education and guidance to students by the Santa Ana College makes sure that the welding students are given training in all basic welding methods.

Final Verdict:

Any career, especially welding requires a good grip on skills and practice. Once a potential welder receives proper quality training from the best welding schools in USA, he is ready to be a well- paid welder.

All of the Best Welding Schools in USA mentioned above hold immense value, are accredited, and offer great welding programs to help you in professional life. Depending on your area and requirements, you can choose whichever welding school suits you the best.

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