how to clean welding helmet

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A welding helmet is considered one of the crucial accessories before starting the welding process so is the cleaning of the welding helmet lenses important. Since it is the only shield protecting you in the work field. Missing out the basic understanding of How to clean welding helmet lenses can push you towards a potential risk of not only harming yourself but spoiling the workpiece too!

how to clean welding helmet lens

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the techniques to clear your doubts on how to clean welding helmet lenses and how to divide your attention rightly in order to achieve the desired goal.

How to Clean Welding Helmet Lens

To preserve the functional conditioning of your welding helmet you must be following its cleaning routine. Below we have proposed some easy-to-implement techniques that can facilitate you in maintaining the originality of your welding helmet Lens:

Step 1: With clean hands, gently take out the Lens from the helmet and avoid touching the flat surface of the lens.

Step 2: Dust off the impurities that are initially present at the Lens (make sure you do not make any scratches). One more method for removing the dust particles is placing the Lens under hot running water. Since water and electronics can be dangerous when put together so many welders opt for using compressed gas for this process.

Step 3: Take any microfiber fabric and wipe out the remaining attached particles, lastly, and most importantly dry the Lens in a clean empty place.

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Precautions To Follow Before Cleaning Your Welding Helmet Lens:

Fortunately, if you are aware of the resulting precautions related to welding helmet cleaning, you can uphold a long healthy relationship with your welding helmet:

  • Do not touch your fingers on the flat opaque surface of the Lens
  • Check for coatings on the lens. If any, handle with double care
  • Don’t rub microfiber cloth on the Lens to avoid unwanted abrasions
  • Drying should be uniform

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Sequencing of Cleaning Process:

Cleaning your welding helmet lens from time to time does sound a little frustrating but being honest, this task can be done in even less than 10 minutes. If you are interested to know some amazing hacks and tips to make this important step speedier, read the mentioned sequence:

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Stage 1: Examine Everything First

Focus on your welding helmet and its condition. Inspect what is required and confirm whether you have all the necessities required for efficient cleaning.

Stage 2: Remove The Lens

As Lens is the most delicate part of your welding helmet, so you need to give your whole attention and devotion while cleaning it. Carefully take out the Lens first. Usually, it comes out itself but in case, you are dealing with the modified welding helmet then it may ask for screws too.

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Stage 3: Clean The Lens

Dust off any grime particles you inspect on the Lens surface using a cleaning brush. Try using a fine bristle brush as it can access narrow areas and provide fine finishing. Nonetheless, if you still observe any impression on your Lens then place it under hot running water to remove the attached dirt. However, if you have been regularly washing your lens then it will not ask for much time for cleaning.

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Stage 4: Check If Any Cleaning Spray Or Wipes Are Required

Now closely observe whether your lens needs to be cleaned further or not. If yes, apply small drops of cleaning detergents on the lens screen and wipe them off with sifting hands. This step will fully remove the undesirable dirt.

Stage 5: Drying

Last but not the least, let it air dry for a given time. Unbroken drying must be ensured. Once it is all set, you can fix back the screws and store them in a clean place for the next use.

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Tools Required to Clean your Welding Helmet Lenses:

These materials may vary according to the condition of your welding helmet and the kind of welding helmet you are cleaning:

  • Your welding helmet
  • Fine bristled brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Water supply
  • Cleaning detergent

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Some Common Tips for Cleaning your Welding Lens:

Clever people always look for productive shortcuts to make their workload easy. Here we have mentioned some key points that will benefit you a lot when washing your welding helmet lens:

  • Always read the guidelines and stated SOPs attached
  • Remove the batteries prior to wash
  • Be gentle and delicate while working
  • In case the Lens has protective layers take extra measures
  • Never skip the uniform drying technique

If you are looking for healthy long-life investments, then buy the latest welding helmet once and never miss out its regular cleaning. The secret behind successful companies forming standard quality products is their trained welders on how to clean a welding helmet lens.

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How Often You Should Clean Your Welding Helmet Lens:

Now, this is what you basically have to understand first that when does your welding helmet actually require a thorough cleaning? This can differ from type to type and how you are using your welding helmet. Some welding helmets can work for months without cleaning while others require cleaning after every 2-3 days, depending upon your workplace. The blurriness in vision while welding indicates the immediate call for action. Nevertheless, it is also always mentioned in your welding helmets instruction manual that how often you require cleaning your welding helmet lens.


If you want your welding helmet to work at optimum levels you must practice cleaning your welding helmet lens. Sometimes you cannot even see the dust that is stacking up on the lens. Dusting regularly can minimize the risk of workload that jumps out at the last moment.

Cleaning your welding helmet lens can be very interesting, as it only takes a few minutes and some techniques to push off the dirt. Now people usually have this question “why?” especially when you have plastic helmets that are very already very cheap. As these small details can make huge differences in your professional growth, always try to keep your welding helmets clean in the best possible way by following this guide.

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