Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet Review 2021

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Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet ReviewWelding is one of the most useful skills but it could be very dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. For this purpose, welding helmets are used to protect face and eyes from heat and harmful rays.

Hobart is a brand that stands behind lots of welding supplies. Professional welders must know this brand.

Hobart 770756 welding helmet is the masterpiece that delivers high-end performance with top-notch durability. It features an amazing switching speed with adjustable shade variation to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

That’s the reason we decided to review this top-rated welding helmet.

Let’s check Hobart 770756 welding helmet review.

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Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet Review 2021


  • Viewing Area: 7.05 inches
  • Weight: 575gms
  • Optical clarity: 1/1/1/2
  • reaction time:1/25,000 second
  • delay time: 0.1 – 1.0S
  • Shade range: 3-8-13
  • Sensor: 3 arc sensor
  • Power source: 1 replaceable lithium-ion battery
  • Material: polyamide-nylon
  • Operating mode: weld and grind
  • Adjustable delay and sensitivity feature
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Gives excellent visibility
  • Can be used for grinding purpose also
  • Sunlight may damage the sensor

Hobart – A Leading Welding Supplies Manufacturer:

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet PriceHobart has been serving its customers since 1971 by manufacturing different tools and equipments for welding and cutting jobs. But in 2000 it has launched a complete range of welding supplies which include gloves, safety goggles, and welding helmet. You will find a complete series of welding helmets such as.

  • Impact series
  • Endeavor series
  • Creator series
  • Discovery series and many others.

Hobart welding helmet that we are reviewing today belongs to the impact series, which offers professional features.

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet Design:

Hobart 770756 welding helmet is built using high-quality material and advanced technology. The hood is made up of super flexible polyamide nylon. Also, the nylon material makes this welding helmet one of the lightest welding helmets in the industry.

Yes, you read it right, it weighs only 575 gms, which is too light.

Its weight makes it perfect protective equipment for wearing during long hours of welding.

Also, Hobart 770756 welding helmet is flame resistant. This means your welding helmet will not catch any fire during the welding or cutting process.

Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Filter:

7.05 inches big viewing window is equipped with the advanced technology of auto-darkening filter. Besides this, the Auto-darkening filter has UV/ IR coating that will filter out all the harmful UV and IR rays and avoid its entrance into the eyes. Since UV/IR rays are quite harmful to the eyes, Hobart kept this fact in mind while designing this gem.

Coming back towards the auto-darkening filters, which is powered by 3 arc sensors that are located right on the viewing window. As soon as the welding arc is struck, these sensors quickly detect it and darken the shade of viewing lens within 1/25,000th seconds.

You can adjust the shade from its variable shade range which is 3-8-13.

Delay Settings:

It has delay settings of 0.1-1.0 second, which you can choose according to the type of welding process you are doing. With the help of a delay setting, you can decide the time duration that the lens should take from switching back to light shade. Delay timings greatly affect your productivity.

Outstanding Visibility:

Hobart 770756 welding helmet features the highest optical clarity rating of the industry that is 1/1/1/1. This rating of optical clarity indicates that the image will be quiet clear and you won’t experience any distortion or blurred vision.

Also, you will experience the exact and true color of the surrounding, which will be really helpful for doing complex welding processes.

These factors are indeed a great contributor to giving high-class visibility.

User Friendly:

Hobart 770756 welding helmet comes with a user-friendly and comprehensive control pad, which has an analog dial. With the help of analog dials, you can adjust the sensitivity and delay settings. You have options to choose from different shades.

The best part is it has a grind mode also, which is at the outside of the helmet. This makes it easier to switch on /off the grinding mode while doing a job, as you won’t need to put off the helmet and change the mood.

Comfortable to Wear:

Hobart has incorporated a brand new headgear design in its impact series welding helmet which is meant to increase the comfort level of users. The headgear is very adjustable. You can easily adjust it according to the size of your head. It can easily fit almost all.

Besides this, weight plays a great part in the comfort of the user. Hobart 770756 welding helmet can be worn for a longer period without any risk of neck strain or fatigue.

Who can use Hobart 770756 Welding Helmet:

Well, this highly amazing welding helmet is best suited for professionals. Even do-it-yourselfer can also wear this helmet while doing welding and even for grinding. Hobart 770756 welding helmet has a dedicated option for the grinding job also. When it comes to welding, it can be sued for numerous welding processes. Such as plasma cutting, TIG, MIG, MMA and stick welding.

Be It welding or grinding Hobart 770756 welding helmets give your superior protection with a high comfort level.

What I like:

It’s hard to decide what I really like about it since it’s a true example of perfection.

The weight and its construction are simply amazing. Literally, it is as light as feather. And it’s all because of polyamide nylon that has been used in the hood construction. Also it so rugged and robust that it can easily resist heavy bumps and impacts.

Hobart 770756 welding helmet is known in the industry for giving amazing visibility and it’s all because of its advanced technology Auto-darkening lens that features an optical rating of 1/1/1/1.

Since welding is a crucial process that needs crystal clear vision, and hence Hobart 770756 welding helmet serves well by giving outstanding visibility.

What I don’t like:

It was quite hard to find a single valid con about it, but somehow, after deep research, I get to know that its sensors are quite sensitive to sunlight. Long term exposure to sun rays may damage its sensors.

Let me tell you if you exposed anything in sunlight for a long period of time, sunlight will ultimately reduce the life span of that particular item

So that’s not at all a big con to worry about. You have to take care of your welding helmet and avoid keeping it in sunlight.


It would not be wrong if I say that Hobart 770756 welding helmet comes with exceptional features that are hard to find in any other welding helmet of the same price range.

Plus, it is from the banner of Hobart which is a trusted brand for manufacturing welding-related protective equipment. You don’t need any other recommendations when Hobart is on your list.

So go and grab your hands on Hobart 770756 welding helmet and experience a safe and sound welding job.

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