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The welding process produces different arcs and sparks which may harm the user. So it’s better to use a proper welding helmet to protect your eyes from these UV rays. Wearing welding helmets for a long time can be a bit tiring task. You may experience pain in your neck and shoulder. So that’s why Lincoln Electric has something extraordinary for you.

lincoln viking 3350

Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet is one of the lightest welding helmets that weigh only 3 pounds, when I get it for live testing, it shocks me completely. It means you won’t feel that you are wearing any mask on your head. All thanks to its adjustable knob and padded back that gives a superior level of comfort to its users. If you are really curious to know more about Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet. Scroll down a bit more there is a lot more for you.

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review


  • Viewing window size: 3.74″ x 3.34
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic, nylon, and polycarbonate
  • Shade range: 5 to 13
  • Lens technology: 4C
  • Optical clarity rating: 1/1/1/1
  • Sensors: 4 arc sensor
  • Solar battery operated
  • Outstanding clarity and vision
  • Adjustable to all
  • 4 dedicated arc sensor
  • Ideal for TIG & MIG welding processes
  • Bit Expensive

If you are in dire need of some comfortable and ultra-lightweight welding helmet that causes no pain or strain in your neck, Lincoln Viking 3350 is the perfect choice for you. Lincoln Viking 3350 is a true example of perfection. It has so many amazing and astounding features that will surely compel you to buy it.

Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Lens Technology:

lincoln welding helmets 3350

Well, Lincoln is the first one in the market who uses 4C lens technology. With the help of this lens technology, you can clearly see the arc during welding Generally, other helmets that use normal lens do not show the true color of arc rather they show green tint. So if you wear Viking 3350 helmet and observe your surrounding you will feel the true color of your surroundings with a blue tint. You will feel like you are looking through sunglasses with a blue tint. 4C technology is really very helpful in the arc welding process, where you need to have a complete focus on your operation.

Optical Clarity:

Since Lincoln Viking 3350 is a perfect helmet to be used for the arc welding process, therefore, its lens has an optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1. This is one of the highest ratings that you can get in a fewer welding helmet. With the help of optical clarity, you can have a clear vision without any blurriness and distortion. I tested it on arc welding and I was amazed to see the clarity of the lens which I found in very few helmets.

A combination of 1/1/1/1 rating of optical clarity and 4C lens technology enables you to focus on welding puddles more clearly. Not only this, but it also has an ultra-wide viewing area that is 3.74″ x 3.34″ inches. This much large viewing area makes Lincoln Viking 3350 one of the best welding helmets with the biggest lens.

Lincoln Viking 3350 Shade Range:

The shade range of the welding helmet is equally important as the lens and optical clarity. Since helmets are used for various applications for which there are different shades range. Talking about the Lincoln electric Viking 3350 helmet it has a shade range of as low as 5 and as high as 13. This shade range is pretty much wide range, which enables you to do different welding operations.

Arc Sensor:

Lincoln Viking helmet features 4 arc sensors. These sensors are of crucial importance especially when you are dealing with arc shots. These sensors continuously monitor the area around your face and as soon as it detects any spark that occurs near your face, the sensor will automatically go off and turn on the filter. You will be surprised to know that it switched on the filter in 1/25,000 of a second. See how responsive the arc sensors are.

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Lincoln Viking 3350 Comfort:

Lincoln electric Viking 3350 welding helmet is quite comfortable to use. You won’t feel as if you are carrying a heavy box on your head. All thanks to its durable material that has been used in its construction which is nylon and polycarbonate. This lightweight welding helmet fits perfectly on the head of the user. For this purpose, it has a knob that is there at the back of the helmet, which is meant for the proper adjustment of the helmet.

lincoln welding hoods

Viking 3350 has been designed by keeping in mind the motive of giving superior comfort to its users.  It is indicated by the presence of a flexible and cushioned back pad which gives a strain and pain-free welding experience. So with the Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet, you can weld all day long as it doesn’t exert any pressure on the neck and shoulder.

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Battery Operated Welding Helmet:

Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet is a battery-operated welding helmet and requires quarter sizes batteries for proper working, the best part is, it can be operated by solar power as well, for this purpose it features CR-2450 solar cell batteries. So use the helmet outside in the sunlight as long as its batteries have some power. But once they get drained, you will have to switch to a solar power supply.

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet is perfect for:

Newbie- as it has a large viewing screen that gives true color with a blue tint. Experts’ industrial welders – as it can be used for a stick, TIG, MIG welding process. Arc welders, as the arc puddle can be seen clearly because of the optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1.

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lincoln electric 3350 welding helmet

What I Like:

Welding is a process that needs proper attention and clear visibility. Lincoln Electric solves this issue by using 4C lens technology and a 1/1/1/1 optical rating. This deadly combination gives you a crystal clear image of what’s going in front of you in the weld puddle. Apart from this, it has 4 dedicated arc sensors that protect your eyes from any kind of strain. Not only his, but it is also really very light in weight and fits easily on very users. It has an adjustable knob for the proper adjustment that makes wearing it easy.

What I Don’t Like:

Well, the mask has grind mode as well, which I think is a good point but unfortunately, the manufacturer has forgotten to add any signal or indicative point, which lets the user know that it’s in grinding mode.


Lincoln Viking 3350 is a true blend of perfection, innovation, and versatility. Ideally, it can be used for TIG & MIG welding processes but it can be sued for arc welding and grinding purposes too. You can use it in its various welding applications. The most amazing feature they have added is 4c technology which includes, clarity, color, carat and cut. These features you won’t find combined in any other helmet.

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